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An experienced accounting company like us can be the financial trusty side kick of your business for a life time. We do more than just preparing taxes. We will guide you and your business on making the right kind of investments, suggest you financial and growth models, and also give you money management tips on personal and business finance. We have been in the business of providing financial accounting services since the year 2004. Our expertise on helping businesses with financial management varies over a variety of areas of expertise with regard to accounting and tax services.

Find accountants

If you are looking to find accountants, we are the best accounting and bookkeeping firms that you can hire, as we provide wide range of accounting services. We have a perspective and insight that ranges from providing you advice and consulting on insurance, making a business plan, helping you achieve your personal and business financial goals, giving you an overview of your business performance by glancing over your tax and financial statements. If you ever need an accountant, we are the best companies to look out for to avail these services.

Find a CPA

If you are looking to find a CPA, we are the best companies to hire, as we have professionally qualified CPA professionals who take care of tax preparations, auditing, a variety of accounting and financial consultation services for businesses, corporates, and sole entrepreneurs. If you need an accountant, or need to find a CPA, we are the best accounting firms to be contacted for this purpose. Our fee structure is quite flexible and we offer tailor made accounting services that suit your business. If your business structure does not need certain accounting services, they will not be included in the cost. You will be paying either monthly or annually for our services. Though we are experienced professionals, we still design our fee structure so that you can find it easier to hire us, if you are contacting us for the first time.

Our approach

We have professionals with amicable personalities. When you want to find an accountant, we are the best choice that you can make, because we are more than numbers and figures alone. We would like to understand your business environment and blend in. Since, we will be handling the most important aspects of your business and also provide you with guidance and consulting from time to time, it is vital that we fit into your business work culture.

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Gross sales are defined as the sales / revenues including taxes (GST, HST, and QST). When we remove the sales tax from the sales / revenues that is called net sales.
Long Term debt is any loans, liabilities or financial obligations lasting over one year. These amounts will not become due within one year of the balance sheet date. They will be capitalized on the balance sheet.
The governement provides a six month grace period to submit your incorporation taxes and registered company taxes, so for example if your year end is December 31st, you have till June 30th to submit your taxes.
Personal taxes are due by April 30th.

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As the end of the year draws close all business owners’ start planning to make high profits by maximizing the amount for tax deduction and reducing taxes payable...

You are a business. You, hopefully, exist with the goal of making as much profit as possible. This will involve you looking at ways in which you can maximize profit whilst reducing tax. This means claiming expenses.

One of the most complicated aspects of owning a business is paying a salary to your own self. This requires one to have an extraordinary amount of restraint...

10 Jul 2015

How to Avoid An Audit

No business likes an audit. Not only is it a highly-stressful experience, even if you know you have not committed any sort of fraud, but the whole process will take time away from the running of your business. Of course, some audits can’t be avoided.

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Since 2004, 514 Accounting has provided start-ups, small and medium sized businesses all over Montreal, Quebec and Ontario with affordable, reliable, and professional accounting and consulting services.

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