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Business bookkeeping is absolutely vital for a number of reasons. Proper bookkeeping will ensure that you will always be able to see, within seconds, exactly how your business is performing. You will be able to see how much tax you have to pay. You will see how much money you are making. You will even be able to see how much money you are owed by clients. Bookkeeping firm, will ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible and that you are always up to date. Here, it is our responsibility to ensure that all financial information related to your business is stored properly. This includes recording details of purchases, receipts, and sales. The experience that our team of bookkeepers holds ensures that our process is going to be as smooth as possible. It also ensures that we are able to deal with businesses of any size or in any industry. Why Bookkeeping is so important for businesses. For any business, once the company has been incorporated, the sales tax numbers have been obtain and the bank account has been opened , the next step is having a proper way to keep track of the revenue and expenses that the business Generates. Bookkeeping does just that. We use a various sort of softwares for bookkeeping and accounting such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting and excel depending on our clients needs. We organize our clients files monthly, do the monthly general ledger entries, bank reconciliations and prepare the reports so our clients can see where there money was spent and what profits the company has made.  

Without a professional bookkeeper there to make sure your records are complete and accurate, you are leaving yourself open for professional conmen or small-time criminals to take a swipe at you and getting away before you ever notice anything amiss.  It doesn’t have to come in the form of physical theft or the sale of bad products, it can be in the form of a deceptive business service that promises you long-term success, while in reality only providing a virtual placebo effect.  You won’t know that you bought into some fancy marketing strategy that is designed to sell overpriced and ineffective products or services until you have gone back and looked at your spreadsheets, but then it’s usually too late.  A bookkeeper would be able to tell you right off the bat that it’s a raw deal and you should save your money.


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Since 2004, 514 Accounting has provided start-ups, small and medium sized businesses all over Montreal, Quebec and Ontario with affordable, reliable, and professional accounting and consulting services.

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