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La comptabilité pour les start-ups, les petites et moyennes entreprises

514 Accounting est un cabinet d'expertise comptable professionnel, fiable et accessible destiné aux start-ups, les petites et moyennes entreprises qui ne peuvent pas opter pour les cabinets comptables trop coûteux.

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05 Aug 2015

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What Kind Of Expenses Are Eligible when filing GST/QST?

02 Aug 2015

You are a business. You, hopefully, exist with the goal of making as much profit as possible. This will involve you looking at ways in which you can maximize profit whilst reducing tax. This means claiming expenses.

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28 Jul 2015

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How to Avoid An Audit

10 Jul 2015

No business likes an audit. Not only is it a highly-stressful experience, even if you know you have not committed any sort of fraud, but the whole process will take time away from the running of your business. Of course, some audits can’t be avoided.

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Depuis 2004, 514 Accounting a fourni des services de comptabilité et de consultation accessibles, fiables et professionnels à des start-ups, et à des petites et moyennes entreprises partout dans Montréal, Québec et Ontario.

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