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GST QST Returns – Accounting Services

The value added tax also called the GST (Goods & Services Tax) is imposed by the federal government of Canada. With every province implementing the provincial sales tax as well. So, the Quebec province is no exception to the rule.

If you live and do business in Quebec, then you must have heard about QST or Quebec Sales Tax. GST/QST is a sales tax that business owners charge on the revenue they earn. On the contrary, Business Owners also collect GST/QST on the expenses they incur when practicing business. When filing a GST/QST return, the GST/QST Collected on Revenues, is subtracted by the GST/QST expended. That is how the GST/QST Payable or Refund is Determined. Our Experts at 514 Accounting Inc. Help clients pay the least possible by making sure their clients are applying all justified expenses so that the GST/QST payable is lessened or they are entitled to higher refunds.

If you are looking for GST/QST return filing experts, then 514Accounting is the place to be. Based in Quebec, we are well aware of the rules and regulations of accounting services which are implemented in Canada and Quebec. Our expert accountants and bookkeepers have years of experience and are well versed in the local and International policies and regulations regarding all avenues of accounting.

What do our Bookkeepers and Accountants do?

The job of our experts is to make the process as smooth and as hassle-free as possible for you. The GST QST remittance forms, as well as the online version, have been designed to be as easy to fill in as possible. However, this does not necessarily mean that it will be simple. Yes, you should be able to fill in every box on your own. However, making the most of your return is why business owners reach out to Accounting or Bookkeeping Firms. It is obviously, in the best interests of your company to reduce the amount of tax that you need to pay or obtain refunds.

What is the benefit of hiring an Accounting Firm for Filing GST/QST?

GST/QST returns can be tricky, that is where our professionals come in. We will take a look at your expenses, whether it be related to a vehicle your company owns, or the general cost of running your office, and help you claim this as an expense against your sales tax owed. This will REDUCE your overall tax bill. It is mandatory by law for anyone practising business to obtain and file GST QST remittances to revenue Quebec if their business conducts more than $30,000.00 of revenue annually. You have the option to request for filing when you apply for your GST QST numbers either monthly, quarterly or annually.

We clarify your misunderstandings on GST/QST filing

Some companies are under the wrong impression that if the company had no activity then they do not have to send in the filled-in form to the government. If the company has had activity, then a filled-in form needs to be submitted. If the company has not had activity, then a company needs to fill in the report with 0’s and still send it in. If not, penalties and applied.

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