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2020 Corporate Tax Changes

  • Auto allowance increased to 59 cents on first 5,000 km and 53 for thereafter
  •  Did you know that Federal tax % has now been reduced by half a %
  • Federal percentage reduced by half a percent.

Our Main Services

We offer affordable accounting solutions. Meeting all government standards and requirements. We are the alternative solution to expensive accounting firms. We’re proud to provide affordable accounting solutions to both individuals and companies of all sizes. As an alternative solution to expensive accounting firms, you can trust we’ll always meet government standards and requirements while giving you unmatched accounting services. We pride ourselves on giving the same level of attention to all clients, regardless of size.

We offer all year round bookkeeping services providing our clients with personalized service. Always outsource your Bookkeeping services to an accounting firm you can trust. Our team of experts utilizes systemized processes and the latest in accounting technology to provide you with professional bookkeeping services. We offer year-round bookkeeping to provide our clients with a completely comprehensive and personalized service.

Taxes are a must and need to be done with attentive accuracy. We go the extra mile to make sure we can save our clients as much money and avoid paying high taxes. You deserve the same level of CPA services and tax planning techniques that large companies and wealthy individuals receive. We’ll ensure your taxes are handled with accuracy and attention to detail as we minimize your liabilities and maximize your savings. We’re here to simplify your complex tax situation.

No matter if you remit monthly, quarterly or annually, we will be sure to submit everything on time. The GST and QST need to be charged during the sale of most goods and services. Whether you remit monthly, quarterly or annually, we’ll take on the responsibility of getting everything submitted on time and in order.

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We are proud to be affiliated with CTV Montreal. We sponsor the business segment of the news in tax season!

Accounting for start ups, small and medium sized businesses

514 Accounting is a professional, reliable, and affordable accounting firm that caters to start ups, small and medium sized businesses that can not afford the high end accounting firms. When starting a business; accounting is an essential part of your business due to government filing deadlines. It is important to have your bookkeeping and accounting set up right from the get go to have a strong foundation, as well as to see the financial progress of your business. We provide a variety of services which include accounting, monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping as well as gst/qst filing, consulting, personal income tax filing, corporate tax filing and notice to reader. We let you work on the more important tasks such as creative ways to increase your business and the tedious task of bookkeeping and tax filing off your hands so you can focus on the more important things.

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