Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business

Millions of searches are conducted on the internet daily; a prominent search for small business owners is: what is the best accounting software? With new technology, professionals around the globe are given a variety of options for their accounting needs. Being a business owner not only requires professionalism, but it also requires the ability to maintain your accounts, track all earnings, expenses, taxes, invoices, and more.

Fortunately, there is some excellent software that is easily accessible and can ease the process of accounting for small business owners. The following article will provide you with a brief introduction to some of our favorite accounting software. Along with this, we will give some information pertinent to each software. Small business owners, freelancers, and web professionals generally use the software we will be mentioning.

When you first start running your business, it is essential to use a straightforward program that is manageable for you and your needs. It first begins with managing your finances, however, as your company grows, you will have more financial gain, your expenses will become, and your needs may change. Keeping track of invoices, online payments, fees, taxes, and the alternative financial benefit is significant. These documents will be required when entering the information into the software of your choice. If this is not done, it may lead to complications in the future.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business

Some suggest that a valuable skill for accountants to have is to know how to code. Coding can help you create your own tools to help facilitate programming as well as encourage you to be a more logical thinker. Coding can help you keep track of finances, managing invoices, help in calculating taxes, and manage additional cash expeditiously. It can also be more time-efficient if done correctly. Now, we will look into some of the most straightforward accounting computer software for professionals, small business owners, and freelancers.

You are able to access some software for free; however, certain links may be blocked. Most of the software also gives access to a free trial allowing you to test our different software before committing to one. The following are some of the best accounting software available online. A new advantage to this software is that most now offer an application that can be downloaded on a mobile device or tablet. This software are used globally and are a desirable choice as most are remotely accessible to the client as well.


Quickbooks is a software used by both professionals as well as non-accountants. It provides you with summary reports of your finances that are easy to read. Things such as expenses, earnings, and invoices are all entered into the QuickBooks general ledger to create an overall smooth process. QuickBooks also has the ability to manage taxes; when used hand in hand with TurboTax, this software is time efficient when filing taxes.

QuickBooks offers different plans and pricing suitable for each person’s needs. Pricing ranges from 10.00$ a month to 50.00$ per month. These packages include (but are not limited to) things such as managing bills, tracking income and expenses, sending invoices, accepting payments, running reports, etc.

An advantage that QuickBooks has is that it also has an application that can be easily downloaded. The application has the same features as the website, and you are able to enter transactions, record expenses, invoice your customers, and more all from your mobile device or tablet. Clients are also able to pay directly through the application using a link that is secure for both parties.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

Managing finances for a small business can quickly be done with the GoDaddy Bookkeeping software. It is efficient and is inexpensive, with plans ranging from 5.99$ to 19.99$ per month. Along with bookkeeping, they provide alternative services with a cloud-based clerking code for small businesses. GoDaddy Bookkeeping can help you with tax prep, sales, and expenses, creating invoices, tracking profit and loss, etc.

Clerking permits you to set up banking with your bank and/or MasterCard with various online websites such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Etsy, etc. It tracks all transactions and displays them together, along with a total profit and loss report. Although GoDaddy Bookkeeping is easy and accessible for small businesses or freelancers, it can have some cons, such as lacking specific advanced options.


FreshBooks is an ideal software package for freelancers. Like many other software, it also has an application that can be easily downloaded on a mobile device or tablet. The software allows you to track invoicing, time tracking, expenses, etc. It also provides for direct payments online or through the application directly depositing them into bank accounts. All reports are provided within the FreshBooks software and are generally very straightforward for users. FreshBooks also provides packages for user needs ranging from 15.00$ to 50.00$ per month. It also offers a custom package that allows business owners to customize their package precisely for their business, and they are then provided with the cost for the service.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business

Xero Wave

Xero Wave is known to help simplify the process of sending invoices, settling payments, reading bank transactions, managing contacts, and much more. Most professionals and small business websites use this web-based software. This software also manages payroll, incoming transactions and handles multi-currency accounts, a service that not all the other software offers. There are many accounting tools provided that a freelancer may not need; however; they are beneficial for small firms offering accounting services. Like the other software, Xero Wave provides an application that can be downloaded on a mobile device or tablet. Pricing and packages for Xero Wave range from 20.00$ to 40.00$ per month.


Wave offers free accounting software that works for small businesses. Finances are managed by directly connecting your banking information and credit accounts to the software. This allows it to track all transactions and creating a simple, easy-to-read report. This software also provides services for payroll, payments, and invoicing.

Although this software provides free accounting services, they do have fees for credit card processing (2.9% + 0.30$ per transaction) and for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) bank payments (1% per transaction; minimum of 1.00$ fee). They also charge for payroll services, which consists of a 20.00$ base fee per month with an additional 4.00$ per active employee and an extra 4.00$ per independent contractor paid. Wave also provides an application that can be downloaded on a mobile decide or tablet, making accounting easy and on the go.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books allows businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow through this software. Zoho Books is also known as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and offers options such as reporting, purchase orders, inventory, banking, sales orders, online payments, a client portal, and much more. You are able to connect with other applications that will help with different needs through the CRM applications. All information can be shared with clients through the client portal, allowing for both the business and client can be on top of everything. There are different packages and plans for all needs, with pricing ranging from 12.00$ to 36.00$ per month. Also, Zoho Books is one of the best software for accounting students for doing their assignments. We are aware of how difficult it would be for students to doing complex accounting assignments; some students seek homework help services and search on google “Can someone do my homework online?”. But by learning this software, they can do their homework themself.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business

Sage 50Cloud

Sage 50Cloud is online software that is used by both small businesses and medium-sized businesses. With this software, they can stay on top of reporting and taxing requirements. It offers some of the best features, such as sales optimizations, expense management, dashboards, payroll, and reporting. It also includes invoicing, budgeting, cash flow, and inventory. Sage 50Cloud offers a free trial period and has two packages available. The prices range from 51.67$ to 75.00$; however, at times, they provide an additional discount on the services (i.e., 30% off if you buy now). If also offers package add-ons once a package has been purchased.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) helps users manage their accounting tasks and measure their financial insights. It creates spreadsheets that help reduce manual processing by using a back-office system including, fulfillments, sales, financials and inventory, revenue, billing, and more. The setup for NetSuite ERP is not complicated and very user-friendly. The software can be tailored to the needs of the user, and there are add-ons that can be added within the software. The base price for the license of this software is 999.00$ per month, with an access cost of 99.00$ per month, per user. NetSuite ERP also offers an application that can be downloaded to a mobile device or tablet, facilitating the remote use of its services.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers software that targets small businesses to manage all of their accounting-related tasks. This software allows you to connect your bank, stock management, creating and sending invoices, creating spreadsheets to help review profit and loss, balance sheets and financial information, and more. User information is available on the software dashboard, which gives easy access to cash flows and receivables.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers two packages with pricing ranging from 14.00$ to 30.00$.  They also offer their packages at discounted prices at times (i.e: buy now and save 40%). An application is also available for download on a mobile device or tablet.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business


Kashoo is a software that is easy to use for small businesses. This web-based software allows for you to track your expenses, invoices, reports, and insights, bank feeds and allows payments. It also provides an additional feature and supports multi-currency. Kashoo has a simple layout, which facilitates the usage for small business owners. Kashoo does provide an application that is available for download; however, it is only compatible with IOS system and not the Android system. There is one package available at 199.00$ dollars per year or 19.95$ per month. Kashoo also provides a pay-as-you-go service at 29.95$ per month.


Vyapar is a web-based software that gives the user access to a variety of tools. These tools are useless for tasks such as GST application, invoice management, inventory, generate GSTR (GST returns) reports, track payments, expenses, and more. It assists the business in small accounting tasks and reduces the use of manual paperwork. Vyapar offers invoice templates and provides a GST mobile application. Through the application, the business can print invoices and set reminders for payments. Users are also able to track their real-time stocks, provides stock alerts, and inventory information at any time. There is no cost for this web-based software, although its main target is the Indian market (small and medium businesses).


SlickAccount is a cloud-hosted accounting software whose base clientele is mainly in India; however, they do as well offer services in 20 other countries. This software works best for small and medium-sized businesses. The services provided help users manage cash flow, invoice tracking, profitability, budgeting, multi-user facility, and you are able to pull financial information directly from bank accounts. You are able to set up alerts and reminders for payments. It offers easy direct payments and monitors all transactions. Slick account offers four packages for users with pricing ranging from 9.99$ to 199.99$ depending on your needs.

Finding the best suited accounting software for your small business


Tipalti helps companies meet their deadlines through a variety of programs. This software helps solves issues of non-compliance, late payments, and administrative overload. Some of the services it provides are invoice and bill processing, global payments, currency management, payment reconciliation, multi-entity payables, IRS and tax VAT (value-added tax), supplier management, and much more. Tipalti users are able to pay across 190 countries using 120 currencies and six payment methods. The software also generates accurate payment reports. Tipalti offers a free demo, and pricing is available upon request of services.


MProfit software offers more natural business processes and simplified accounting solutions. Services provided include budgeting, loan, and advances, track personal and/or client investments, create multiple portfolios, and much more. This is one of the leading accounting software for Indian investors, family offices, advisors, traders, and corporates. Through this software, you can also import bank statements and maintain bank and cash accounts. MProfit also has access to download an application available on mobile devices and tablets. MProfit has a free trial period. The software has different packages and add-ons; prices depend on what options are chosen.

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